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Dancing in the Rain

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May 4th, 2008

I'm baacck!!

whoa, sooo my new addiction to dancing with the star [mainly shannon and derek] plus my guilty pleasure of fanfiction has led me back here to lj.  From here i went to xanga, then myspace, and then facebook. haha, i've gone through alotta the popular social website thingys. well I thought it'd just be fun to change stuff a little :-)

plus i wanna try, or at least start,  to hide my horribly written entries from... is it 4? years ago. yeah..they weren't that pretty with the grammar and spelling "errors" that were (whurr) done on purpose to try? to sound cool.

October 6th, 2004

(no subject)


hey ya'll!! gonna write bout da dance

well it wuz fine, a little drama but....I DIDN'T INVOLVE US!!!*dances*

did my mad breakdancin skillz, so much fun..acted all ghetto w/ Icia! dat's it really..o yea Juls and Vladic...uuhh...my and Allison singin "burn" 2 all the couples..cam and rachel, juls and vladic, and...amanda and george(so cute!!) nm really l8er!

October 3rd, 2004

(no subject)


watchin extreme make over home edition...gonna cry @ the end!! :(

friday @ gym we had 2 do toe raises..me and ri whurr countin out loud! also we kept on laughin and tried not 2 fall off the beam..SO much fun!  after a while we whurr lyk "y do i get the feelin dat every1 is starin @ us??" they whurr 2! cuz thurr whurr new guyz and the look on thurr faces was "wat is their problem?" is wuz SO funny seein brandon leadin all the little dudes also! yea, gonna go now!

September 30th, 2004



i no,  i no i alwayz talk bout gymnastics...well i'm not "iz_gymnastical" fo nuthin...o yea @ the TJ Maxx Tour of Champs..John Macraedy came out dressed as a pimp! so FUNNY

anyways @ practice 2day i wuz leadin stretch and we did ankles, Brandon couldn't figure out how 2 to the other ankle stretch, so me and aaron spend a few minutes showin him! u had 2 be thurr..also wen benji brought the boys over i waved 2 him(brandon) and benji got all confuzzled he wuz lyk" do u guyz go 2 the same skool or sumtin"  then the guyz had 2 try on thurr shorts 4 competition and the whurr so short! i no i shouldn't hav laughed but thurr faces look HALARIOUS! wuzn't in2 practice so watched the boyz do funny vaults while i wuz on bars...well dat's all...

September 26th, 2004

omg the tour wuz SO kewl!! worst thing...all my friends whurr in the other sec. so i sat beside brandon 4 the first half cuz the seat next 2 him wuz mt and better than the one i had..second half sat i my seat cuz ian wuz sittin next 2 brandon..

thurr wuz dis stuff dat wuz called arieal fabric(wow can't spell) and the guyz used it lyk rings..thurr wuz also dis hoop dat wuz lifted up and down while sum1 spun on it...thurr whurr 4 beams connected and dat wuz kewl 2...da guyz-HOTT!! u could c lyk every muscle in thurr body and they performedd wit out thurr shirts a lot...

ok, my lif in skool...

ETS-goin 2 start airplane crap...

OotM-went 2 michael's and got stuff, our play goin gr8!


SS-Holocaust, can we say "i'm gonna cry now"???

DanceII-project, we start 2morrow!!!


Science-don't really no..alwayz confuzzled in dat class

LA-stupid narrative then gonna start Anne Frank

our football team has won mo than 1 game already, not countin Battle of da Brooks!

Church-Devon is gonna start comin,i think....Srini now comes on Sundays....Jon comes wen i don't come...dat's all i think

Gymnastics-nothin..made 2 new buddies!!!Taylor and Brandon...new vault:half on half off, since i can't do a handspring twist rite!

gettin ready fo international festival..gonna get lyk 24 hrs cuz i'm helpin wit the little kids,middle/high, and adults..it's great..

dance friday..dat's it really..

geez, y can my lif b so borin sumtimes


luv ya'll!

~*Iz_GymNAsTIcAl*/ QuIcKiE*~

September 21st, 2004

(no subject)


Hey ya'll!! guess wat?!?!? I met Carly Patterson!!!!! it wuz awesum! yea b4 dat me n myers whurr talkin 2 Brandon cuz he wuz the only guy thurr @ the time..we talked bout how it wuz weird dat all thurr whurr no mo guyz thurr and he's lyk i no and "she's so damn hott!" Myers wuz lyk "Brandon i coulda lived wit out noin dat!" it wuz so funny..then Taylor came and he said he wuz gonna ask her how she felt wen she hit the bar durin the team competition and how she kept goin...he actually did and he wuz up thurr fo awhile..he said dat she said it kinda hurt and stuff, dunno wat exactly though..then big group pic and stuff..SO MUCH FUN! well l8er ya'll!

~*Iz_GymNAsTIcAl*/ QuIcKiE*~

September 16th, 2004

(no subject)


wow, gettin REALLY lzy bout updatin dis...


some Jewish holiday....gonna go 2 the mall l8er 2 get a present 4 dwayne...school's bin a little lame l8ly..

A1 Explorin Tech. Systems-just finished takin apart and puttin back 2gether a 4-stroke engine wit Megan and Francis

A2 Odessy of the Mind-workin on our long term project...it's awesum, even if the teacher isn't...we're doin Laugh-A-Thon..it's awesum, workin wit Juls, Cam,Kyle,Emily,Hannah,Icia,Brian, and Natalia..me and Emily r gonna hav a dance off the Brian and Natalia..it's gonna b GREAT!

speakin of Natalia, we had studen counsil elections yesterday and if u DIDN'T vote 4 Zaina as president i will find u and beat u up!!

A3 Math-well..math, wat else would we do??@ lunch thurr's this little hispanic kid dat lyk's Alli and he's just annoyin the crap outta every1!then thurr's this stupid blonde 7th grader dat thinks i'm in luv wit him all cuz Dwayne told him so, and he's never learned the rule:NEVER BELIEVE MOST THINGS DWAYNE SAYS THE SUPPOSEDLY COME FROM OTHERS!

A4 SS-studyin early NC history..lyk wen NC wuz discovered...

B1 Dance II-workin on our Comm. Service project, wit Meredith and Alli..also doin a ribbon dance wit Alli, it's SO much fun!!

B2 Spanish B-well learin spanish, duh!

B3 Science-barely no wat goes on in this class! workin on sum water project wit Christina, Brittany, and Kyle, we hav Sudan and Turkey..also we're gonna hav penpals in South Africa!

B4 LA-she don't lyk our class very much...last class we had a sub and freewrite 4 out journals and Brians wuz lyk-"i dunno wat i'm gonna do on my day off...i think i'll kick my dog, jk..maybe i'll do stuff and do sum more stuff and then eat and drink sum juice"or sumtin lyk dat..but the whole class wuz crackin up! Emily's and Christina's talkin bout how most of our sportz teams lose all the time and how we hav a gud experience wit losin..

Gymnastics-DID A FULL ON FLOOR! well on2 a 8-inch but still..

Church-bin goin 2 everything 4 middle skool:uplink,fx, and cuttin edge...it's bin awesum! in my small group i hav Ann, Maria,another grl name Ann, Rayven or Cathrine(which 1 u wanna call her), and Amanda, it's awesum! fx-theme is star wars..we're Windu, the bald black dude..it's aight..

Dwayne's b-day party is 2morrow, not much 2 tell u bout cuz i hav no freakin clu wat we're gonna do thurr so it's all gud.

wow i think dat's all 4 now! l8er!


~*Iz_GymNAsTIcAl*/ QuIcKiE*~

September 12th, 2004

(no subject)


srry, i'm really bad @ updatin dis...

yesterday helped @ St. Raphel's fair..saw Maria, wit 2 other ppl and Nick R....then saw Shana, Jensen, Amanda, and Rachel..

really lazy 2day so gonna stop now..

September 7th, 2004

(no subject)


wow! so much has bin goin on @ skool...the first game, we lost 20-0 to Durant..i mean they're only the best team in the conference! me, christina, emily, jon, george, tyler and alli wurr makin fun of the cheerleaders..spent most of the time figurin ppl's #'s:Dwayne-9,Brad-30,Shannon-34,Nick-52(i think),Tom-80,Cameron W.-10 i think but he's lyk the shortest peron on the field so its all gud...

dude, i'm gonna b blind by the end of the cuz sum1 *coughdwaynecough*....yea he's worn the same lyk 5 shirts the whole freakin year!! and they all hafta do wit Atl

Church wuz awesum Sunday!! me,maria,sherrie, and ann all went up on the stage wit other ppl and started jumpin...after we went 2 the Nursery thingy and took care of babies...it wuz fun..mo lata!


~*Iz_GymNAsTIcAl*/ QuIcKiE*~

August 22nd, 2004



Bin watchin the Olympics!! it's awetchum ya'll!!

USA Results


Paul Hamm USA-Men's All-Around Champ,gymnastics!!!-greatest comback ever after dat fall on vault!!!1st man from USA 2 win the all-around in the Olympics!!!

Carly Patterson USA-Women's All-around Champ,gymnastics!!

Annia Hatch USA-2nd place on vault

Courtney Kupets USA-3rd on Uneven Bars

Terin Humphrey USA- 2nd on Uneven Bars

Both USA gymnastics teams-2nd in team finals

ok dat's enuf 4 now..we did gud in swimming and USA men are doin horribly in b-ball:2-2!! well l8er!!!

~*Iz_GymNAsTIcAl*/ QuIcKiE*~


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