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Dancing in the Rain

TJ Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champs!!!!!!!!!



TJ Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champs!!!!!!!!!

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omg the tour wuz SO kewl!! worst thing...all my friends whurr in the other sec. so i sat beside brandon 4 the first half cuz the seat next 2 him wuz mt and better than the one i had..second half sat i my seat cuz ian wuz sittin next 2 brandon..

thurr wuz dis stuff dat wuz called arieal fabric(wow can't spell) and the guyz used it lyk rings..thurr wuz also dis hoop dat wuz lifted up and down while sum1 spun on it...thurr whurr 4 beams connected and dat wuz kewl 2...da guyz-HOTT!! u could c lyk every muscle in thurr body and they performedd wit out thurr shirts a lot...

ok, my lif in skool...

ETS-goin 2 start airplane crap...

OotM-went 2 michael's and got stuff, our play goin gr8!


SS-Holocaust, can we say "i'm gonna cry now"???

DanceII-project, we start 2morrow!!!


Science-don't really no..alwayz confuzzled in dat class

LA-stupid narrative then gonna start Anne Frank

our football team has won mo than 1 game already, not countin Battle of da Brooks!

Church-Devon is gonna start comin,i think....Srini now comes on Sundays....Jon comes wen i don't come...dat's all i think

Gymnastics-nothin..made 2 new buddies!!!Taylor and Brandon...new vault:half on half off, since i can't do a handspring twist rite!

gettin ready fo international festival..gonna get lyk 24 hrs cuz i'm helpin wit the little kids,middle/high, and adults..it's great..

dance friday..dat's it really..

geez, y can my lif b so borin sumtimes


luv ya'll!

~*Iz_GymNAsTIcAl*/ QuIcKiE*~

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